Open Source Tomato and DD-WRT Routers

We recommend the following Routers as a Good, Better, and Best solution.  The routers listed below are sold with the the Tomato or DD-WRT, Open Source Linux Software installed, configured, and Implemented to meet the needs of your network.

There is a big difference between simply buying a great router at a store to set up yourself, and having someone who knows what they are doing implement a router to take advantage of all its features to meet your needs.  We have many years of experience programming, setting up, and implementing routers.  The routers we sell come with that experience as we intend to install them for you as a solution.

Please read our Blog Article about Intelligent Routers.

Our Solutions Include:

Good:  Netgear WNR3500     Better:  Netgear R7000    Best:  Netgear R8000