CMI Has a Long History of Successful Software Implementation.

Computing-Management, Inc., started back in the early 1980's, as a Software Company, developing a Software Business Package running on PC's and PC Networks.  Our flagship product was called the Human Resource Information Center.  We sold and implemented over a thousand systems across the United States, and even had a Canadian version. Researching, Designing, and Developing software in a competitive market was tough enough, but we soon learned that real success is measured by how well businesses and their users utilize that software.  We realized that the software we developed became an integral part of people's jobs and often the quality of their work life depended on how well that software ran.  We decided that we would consider each software sale as a project and work with customers every step of the way to the ultimate goal of having a system they use successfully and can rely on.  We sent technicians along on sales calls to make sure our software would work in their environment.  We were pioneers in providing technical support remotely.  We provided on-site training and user group seminars to help customers get the most out of their systems.  We developed a lot of good friendships along the way and watched people advance in their profession.  Ultimately, after about 15 successful years, our software package was bought by a much larger company who combined it with their payroll system and installed it at thousands more companies.  The biggest lesson we learned from all this experience is how to successfully implement software.